Long Reef SLSC upgrade or…?

The following pictures are an attempt to visualise the impact of the proposed new surf club buildings at Long Reef.

The original picture was taken from near the Dee Why ocean pool looking north west toward Long Reef. The image of the club was created by copying an artist’s impression from Warringah Council’s website and pasting it in on top of the original view. This is not a professional composite image by any stretch of the imagination. Instead, the development’s position and scale in the image was derived by looking at the site and the council’s publicly released documents (see links below) about the size and location of the proposed building.

As you will see in the ‘before’ pictures below, the present surf club buildings are not visible from the photograph vantage point.

More details on surfrider.org.au

Close up of Long Reef from Dee Why without artist impression.

zoomed in view of Long Reef with artist impression

Long Reef view from Dee Why without the artist's impression.


Different view on surf club (Manly Daily – 11/3/11)

Long Reef SLSC redevelopment ‘too big’ (Manly Daily – 15/12/10)

New club is given the nod (Manly Daily – 18/2/11)

Design concept site and floorplans as presented by Warringah Council (PDF)

Warringah Council proposed Long Reef SLSC statement and architect’s model renderings posted on Longreef.com (PDF)

Site map from Warringah Council

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Beach cleanup at Freshy for Duke’s Day 2011

’twas a gloomy old morning at Freshwater beach, but the Surfrider Northern Beaches crew were there to clean up – along with lots of other fine volunteers from amongst the beachgoers. The occasion was the first Duke’s Day to celebrate the anniversary of Duke Kahanamoku riding the first Hawaiian board at Freshie way back in 1915.

We managed to pull a fair amount of rubbish off the beach too (see below for the breakdown).

Date: 15 Jan 2011
Freshwater Beach: Love Your Beach
Participants: 52 Surfrider Volunteer Cleaners

74 Aluminum Cans
2 Pens, Pencils
15 Binding/Thread/String
50 Cloth/Clothing
150 Pieces of Plastic
50 Wooden Ice Cream sticks
3 Plastic Containers
184 Straws/Stirrers
4 Toys
40 Polystyrene Foam
233 Paper/Cardboard
18 Cups/Plates/Cutlery
22 Shoes / Thongs
170 Lids / Bottle Tops / Corks
10 Foil
665 Random pieces of plastic
1 6 pack plastic can holder

9 Tobacco Packaging / Wrappers
1 box matches
3 lighters
1,200 ciggarette butts
1 Television

2 condoms
1 Nappie
2 Brushes/combs
2 Toothbrushes
1 Bandaid
20 Ear plugs
3 skincare bottles / tubes
2 cosmetics containers

21 Coffee cups
1 Fireworks
20 Hairbands
4 Balloons
23 Sporting goods
16 Tetra packs
1 Wooden chair
1 Big foam carpet

Total 3310 Items

General Rubbish – 43kg
Recycleables – 34kg

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